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How Colorado Winters Affect Your Roof

Updated: May 14, 2023

mountain home buried in snow

It's time to learn how Colorado winters affect your roof. Let’s face it, most of us probably don’t put a lot of thought into our roof until something significant happens that causes damage or we get a leak of some sort. It’s a structure we expect to function as intended until it doesn’t. Colorado winters can be harsh on your roof for several reasons and here are some of the most common.


An ice dam are the clumps of ice you see formed on the edge of your roof or over your gutters. This occurs when it snows and then temperatures fluctuate from warmer to cold again. The warmer temps cause the snow to begin melting and then the colder temps cause it to freeze at the edges or eaves of your home. The issue with this is it prevents run off from escaping and water settles under your shingles and could drip into your attic. As the temperatures warm and cool over several days it just exasserbates the problem. This is generally caused by poor attic ventilation which you can read more about in our blog here.


Obviously, we get snow in Colorado and the effect it can have on your roof varies based on how much snow there is as well as the pitch, slope and ventilation of your roof. A roof with a higher pitch and good ventilation will allow snow to run off naturally whereas one with a low pitch or a flat roof does not. If snow accumulation gets to be too much and you hear creaking or other sounds it may be time to have it removed. Because snow removal can be dangerous, it’s always recommended to hire a professional to do this as they have the proper tools and equipment needed.


If you notice a lot of moisture in your attic or are experiencing a leak or a slow drip you may have a condensation problem. This is caused by fluctuating attic temperatures which generally happen due to poor ventilation or insulation.


We’ve all heard how Colorado gets 300 days of sun a year which includes winter months. We’ve all seen it go from 60 degrees one day to 25 the next. The constant temperature change and sun exposure puts wear and tear on your roof.

Winter can be harsh on your roof and if you are concerned about the its condition or if you’re preparing to sell your home contact Allegiance Roofing for a FREE inspection today. You can also reach us by calling 719-470-3939, visiting us on Facebook or Instagram or by email at We look forward to serving you for your roofing needs.


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