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Is a Metal Roof Right for You?

Updated: May 14, 2023

house with metal roof

If you’re thinking of putting a metal roof on your home you should consider the pros and cons first to make sure it’s the right choice for you. We’ll cover a few of each in this article to help you make an informed decision.


Durability Unlike a shingle roof, a metal roof can have a life expectancy of anywhere from 40 to 70 years if installed properly. It is fire, wind and impact resistant. Even in Colorado with the frequent hail storms, a metal roof can often withstand the weather. Something to keep in mind with this is it could dent from the hail but that doesn’t mean it will affect the efficacy of your roof. If you have a shingle roof and there’s a big hail storm the asphalt shingles could ea

sily puncture and cause them to leak.

Environmentally Friendly Your typical asphalt shingle roof will require replacement every 15-20 years, or more often depending on hail storms and other weather. Because of that, nearly 20 billion pounds of shingles are sent to landfills each year! Metal roofs come from partly recycled materials to begin with and are 100% recyclable if you do have to replace them.

Energy Efficient Although metal roofs are more expensive to install they can save you some money in the long run on your heating and cooling bill. They reflect UV rays to help keep your house cooler on those hot summer days and if you’re in an area that has more temperate weather, you can have a glossy top-coat in a darker color to help pull heat into the home if that’s your goal.


Expense Metal roofs definitely have more upfront cost than your standard shingle roof. There’s a wide range for cost and it just depends on the material you choose. It can run up to 10 times the cost of an asphalt shingle roof if you choose a high-end material.

Dents Metal roofs are made to withstand weather but if you get a large hail storm or even debri like a tree limb, it could sustain some damage in the form of denting or scratching. Additionally, some metal roofs can’t be walked on. A way around this concern would be to buy a material that is guaranteed not to dent. Softer materials such as copper or aluminum look great but are obviously more prone to damage.

Noise Some people love the sound of rain on a metal roof and others might find that extremely annoying. This is definitely something to consider before choosing a material. If you’re familiar with the hail storms in Colorado, although they may not happen frequently, they might be quite alarming if you have a metal roof. This may not be something you choose to tolerate.

One last thing to consider if you are wanting to install a metal roof is what your insurance policy covers. Many do not include a cosmetic damage endorsement which would cover dents, scratches, etc. If your metal roof was badly dented but didn’t have any leaks or structural damage your insurance may not pay to replace it if you don’t have a cosmetic damage endorsement on your policy. It’s recommended you discuss this prior to installing a metal roof.

If you’re considering a metal roof, or any roof replacement for that matter, we’d love to take a look and help you through the process. Please contact Allegiance Roofing for a FREE inspection today. You can also reach us by calling 719-470-3939, visiting us on Facebook or Instagram or by email at We look forward to serving you.


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